Thursday, December 19, 2013

Beyonce Inspired Look Using Decembers Ispy Glam Bag

I have been a monthly subscriber to Ipsy for a while now.  I usually really enjoy all the products they send me, and have fun trying out new items.  This month's glam bag was full of good stuff that could be used to create a seriously glam look perfect for the holiday season, especially New Years Eve.  This month I received a great eye shadow blending brush (Mirabella Eye Blender), a pair of fake lashes (Salon Perfect Perfectly Natural Lashes in #53) , a large red lip pencil (J Cat Big Lip Pencil in Red), a eye shadow trio in sparky silver tones (POP beauty Brighten Up Your Life Eye Shadow Trio), and an all over face color in a warm coral tone (Be A Bombshell One Color Stick in Sunset).  Plus it came in an adorable black faux leather bag that is perfect for toting makeup in your purse or gym bag.

It just so happened that the colors I received were perfect to recreate one of the makeup looks from Beyonce's new "visual album".  She had SO many fantastic looks to go with all her new music, and I will probably recreate a few of her glam looks.  The look I recreated here is from the "Haunted" video.  Beyonce is bringing serious Cabaret glam, with a dark eye AND a dark lip.  In the video, the look is even more dramatic than the picture I'm using here.  I really liked how the lighting in the photo gave the silver eye makeup a blue tint, so I decided to base my makeup on the photo versus the actual video.

Start by applying a full coverage foundation.  Beyonce's skin is very matte in the photo, so I used Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation to achieve the same finish.  Make sure you use a foundation primer and eyelid primer too - you don't want the makeup coming off while you celebrate.

For the eyes, I first started by creating a cream base for my eyeshadow.  I mixed the silver and blue from my Make Up For Ever Flash Palette and really blended it out on my eyes.  The creamy base is the perfect backdrop for the sparkly powder shadows that follow because it gives them something to cling to and also adds more dimension with the blue tint.  I was also starting to shape the eye by winging out the cream base towards the outer corner of the eye and also blending on the lower eyelid.

I used a fluffy blending brush (MAC 217) to apply the silver shade from the POP Palette all over my eye lid, into the crease of the eye, out towards the outer corner of the eye, and far down on the lower eyelid.  I applied three coats of the eyeshadow to really get the color to sparkly.

I lined my upper lash line and tight lined both top and bottom waterlines with black eye pencil (Urban Decay Glide On 24/7 Pencil in Zero).  Make sure you get into the corners of the eye to really emphasize the shape of the eye.

Using an angled liner brush, I blended out the black pencil with the black shadow from the POP palette.  Be sure to keep the black shadow close to the lash line.

I used a small pointed shadow brush to apply the shimmery white shade from the POP palette to the inner corner of the eye.  I applied three coats of this color to really lighten up the area.

This next part is my favorite part of the eye look.  I took the same fluffy blending brush used earlier to sweep my contour blush (MAC Harmony Blush) into the crease of my eyelid and blended it out towards my brow bone.  I then used a dense bristled smudge brush to add the same shade to the lower lash line.  I started towards the inner corner and blended it out towards the outer part of the lower lash line.

To further blend out the eye shadow, I used a matte cream shadow (Strange from Naked 3) on my brow bone and blended into the contour shade in my crease.  I then filled in my brows and applied black mascara to top and bottom lashes.

I finished the eyes by applying the fake lashes from the Ipsy bag.  These lashes were very comfortable and very natural looking.  I would really suggest them for anyone with smaller eyes as the band is not as long as other lashes I've used.  Lastly, I applied another coat of mascara on the top lashes to blend my lashes in with the fake lashes.

I used a sponge to clean up any makeup fall out under my eyes and then used the triangle highlighting trick I talked about HERE to lighten up the under eye area.  Before I powdered the skin, I applied the Be A Bombshell One Stick in Sunset along my cheek bones and blended it out with a small stippling brush.  You could also use your finger.

I lightly powdered my skin then started with contour.  Beyonce did not have a lot of color on her cheeks, but she did have a lot of contour.  I used MAC Harmony blush and a small pointed blush brush to blend the cool toned brown powder under my cheek bones and along my temples. 

For lips, I started with the J Cat Big Lip Pencil to fill in my lips.  I then mixed a dark red gloss (Sephora Liquid Lipstick) with a black gloss (Rimmel Black Diva Gloss) to apply on top of the red.  I didn't love the consistency of the red pencil, as it had a little too much slip and the gloss really slipped around on it.  I would have used another product to get a better lip if I wasn't trying to use all the products from the Ipsy bag.

The finished look.  I LOVE the eye makeup.  If I was going to wear this look to a party, I would change the lip to a softer color in a peach tone.  Contrasting the silver blue with a warm peach brings even more emphasis on the eyes while not losing definition on the rest of the face.

For this look, I added MAC Peach Blush to my cheekbones and Revlon Pink Cognito Lipstick.  I will absolutely be wearing this look for a night out.  I love the silvery blue eyes, and the peach tones in the blush and lipstick are the perfect balance in color.

Want to join Ipsy? Follow the link here for sign up info.  At $10 a month, it is worth it if you like trying out new makeup.  I was able to recreate the entire Beyonce look by only adding a few products. Not bad value at all.

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  1. Wonderful job!!!! I will be trying out this same look using your directions wish me luck!

    1. Thank you! I'd love to see how you do the look. Tag me on Instagram (@neapolitanjess) or post the look on the Facebook page (